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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Singapore ISD Code Number is 0065 for International Phone Dialing

Singapore ISD Code Number is +65. International call prefix is “00” and trunk prefix is none. Telephone numbers are usually 8 digits long. Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia. Capital is in Singapore. Currency is known Singapore dollar (SGD).

Singapore ISD Code Number = 0065

Dialing System =+Country Code + City or State or District Code + Phone Number

How to Call Singapore

First, it needs to dial 0065, the country code for Singapore. There is no area code of the country. Then dial 8 digits phone number. For the USA, use 011 as the exit code.

Emergency Number

Ambulance and Fire: 995 Police: 999

Neighboring Countries ISD Dialing Numbers

There are some neighboring countries of Singapore. Here are some nearest countries name with ISD code,
Malaysia - 0060 Thailand - 0066 India - 0091