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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Italy ISD Code Number is 0039 for International Phone Dialing

ISD code of the country Italy is +39. International Call Prefix for the country is “00” and the trunk prefix is “0”. There are 234 area codes in this country.
International callers have to dial a number in this country in a format. The format for calling a telephone number in this country is, (IDD)-(+39)-(Area Code)-(Telephone Number). Calling a mobile number also has a dialing format. The format is, (IDD)-(+39)-(Mobile Number). Phone numbers of the country have 10 digits. The first 2, 3 or 4 digits are the area code. Callers from inside the country don’t need to use the ISD code.

Italy ISD Code Number=0039

Dialing System =+Country Code + City or State or District Code + Phone Number

Telecommunication System

Among the telecommunication systems Radio, Television, Internet, Telephone, and Mobile are popular. Around 24.992 million internet users are there in this country. There are 50.5 million radios and 30.5 million televisions in the country. AGCOM is the regulatory authority of the country for the telecom sector.

Mobile Operator Company

There are around 96.64 million mobile cellular in this country. The penetration rate in the country is 158.9%. List of the mobile operators is here,
1. TIM 2. Vodafone 3. Wind 4. 3

Telephone Operator Company

The country had 22.116 million main lines in 2011. List of the telephone operator companies is given below,
1. Telecom Italia 2. Infostrada 3. FASTWEB 4. Tiscali SpA 5. TeleTu

Emergency Numbers

Emergency numbers of the country are,
118- Ambulance 115- Fire 113- Police

Neighboring Countries

Countries near Italy are given below with their ISD code,
San Marino (+378) Croatia (+385) Monaco (+377) Bosnia and Herzegovina (+387)